A woman is kidnapped. We are neither told anything about herself nor about the motive of the offence. Is it abduction against her will actually?

Anyway, she does not seem to be very indignant when she is guided to a little theatre stage where she is immediately divested and sexually stimulated by a group of young women. The actress also relishes being fucked by a tall black man in full view of a decadent audience fusing itself into an orgy at the same time.

In the end of this strange performance four men approach in an acrobatic way ejaculating on her face. This cum shot scene is the most psychedelic that has ever been shown in porn. For about seven minutes we see sperm hurtle through the air - in shrill colours and accompanied by off-beat music. At the end of the film a gentleman takes the woman home, where the two are shown in a bit conventional but delightful scene.

Behind The Green Door is a sensual intimate play including experimental lines in parts. The sex scenes are very explicit but mostly much too abstract to have pornographic character in a narrower sense. The higher aim of this extraordinary film is to combine eroticism with social criticism. Bear in mind that in 1975, racism in America was more marked than today and that having sex with black men and women was deemed to be scandalous from most of the white American population. Also the sexuality of woman was still faced with its liberation. This film attends to both topics in a simple but much elaborated way.

Behind The Green Door obtained lots of publicity assisted by Marilyn Chambers who had quickly finished drama school shortly before the beginning of the shooting. Before the premiere of the film, the audience already knew Marilyn as "the pretty girl in soap advertising". The fact that such a known and lovely woman appears in porn was very incomprehensible for lots of people and put a different complexion on the porn industry.

Quite possible that this film would have been screened only short in porn- and long in underground cinemas without the cooperation of Marilyn Chambers. But then, things ran completely different: sensation-seeking spectators watched a film which showed the borders of porn and art flowing into each other, and went home sometimes confused. The decision for Marilyn Chambers as leading actress for Behind The Green Door was the right choice at any rate because she is acting charming and absolutely convincing at any time.


Direction: Artie Mitchell, James Mitchell (The Mitchell-Brothers)

Actors/actresses: Marilyn Chambers, George S. McDonald, Johnnie Keyes, Lisa Grant, Yank Levine, Toad Athell, Ben Davidson, Adrienne Mitchell, Dana Fuller, u.a.

Run:70 min.